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Engine Modification in Yorkshire

Here at Amac Engineering we are a fully qualified professional team of engineers which are based in Yorkshire. we specialise our professional to enhance the performance of your engine so that it runs more effectively and efficiently.

We can modify your engine to attain the highest possible results in performance . We work closely with our clients to offer expert advise regarding the best solutions to attaining the high engine performance that you require.

We offer the following engine modifications to improve performance:

  • Head porting and combustion chamber reshaping: Port reshaping and resizing improves the air fuel mixture flow allowing the combustion chamber to fill up quicker. This increases both power and torque, especially at higher revs.
  • Modified valves: Increasing the size of the inlet valve increases the amount of fuel air mixture that is allowed to enter the combustion chamber.
  • Performance cam: The greater the valve lift, then the greater the lift rate will be. With a performance cam (or high lift cam) this lift is increased allowing more fuel air mixture into the combustion chamber.
  • Unleaded conversion: Engines made before 1989 may need modifying to run on unleaded fuel. Increased engine capacity: Here at Amac Engineering we re-bore engine blocks to specific sizes to accommodate oversized pistons.
  • Increased compression ratio: This will enable the mixture to burn at its fastest and consequently the fuels energy will be most efficiently harnessed Balancing crank assembly: Replacing the flywheel with a modified lightened one will lighten the crank assembly.
  • Blueprinting of group N competition engines: Blueprinting of an engine refers to a set of standard measurements or ‘blueprints’ produced for competition engines to keep the modifications as standard as possible.

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