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Engine Reconditioning
Northallerton, Leeds and North Yorkshire

Engine Reconditioning is at the heart of what we do. Our experienced engine reconditioning services can help you get the most out of your vehicle's performance.

We have many years of extensive knowledge and experience of a range of engines. Call to contact us, and our business can source and supply a range of components to improve performance and overcome any problems.

So if you are looking for Engine Reconditioning North Yorkshire, get in touch today.

What is Engine Reconditioning?

To recondition an engine or vehicle, engineers replace parts or re-working specific aspects that may be failing. After repairs, machines are just like new and operate safely and acceptably.

Reconditioning involves many aspects, depending largely on the scale of the damage done. It could be that your engine is so deeply damaged it needs reworking or something smaller entirely. Engineers inspect the vehicle's engine, manage all the necessary parts like the cylinder head, replace them and clean any dirty compartments that may rupture the functionality to make it perform better.

Services like ours use upgrades of our garage's latest devices and software to deliver our customers' best possible outcome. If you find any problems, call or contact us by email for further information or a possible quote.

Engine Reconditioning Northallerton, Leeds and North Yorkshire

Our reconditioning and modification services include:

  • Cylinder block re-sleeving / liners
  • Cylinder block boring & honing
  • Flywheel lightening
  • Flywheel machining
  • Flywheel balancing
  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Crankshaft grinding and polishing
  • Connecting rod balancing
  • Head skimming and pressure testing
  • Cylinder liners made to suit blocks
  • Milling, turning & cylinder and surface grinding
  • Piston balancing
  • Disc and drum skimming
  • White metalling
  • Valve seat inserts & valve guides fitted
  • Valve & seat re-cutting

Here at AMAC Engineering, we are a fully qualified professional team of engineers in North Yorkshire. We have years of experience and specialise our professional to enhance your engine's performance to run more effectively and efficiently.

We can modify your engine to attain the highest possible results in performance. We work closely with our clients to offer expert advice regarding the best solutions to achieving the increased engine performance that you require.

Engine modifications

Engine reconditioning maintenance enhances the overall function and efficiency of a vehicle or engine. Repairing engines like this means a longer lifespan. As jobs like this are complex and challenging, we highly recommend going a professional route and calling a local engineer.

If you are looking for engine reparation and reconditioning in the Northallerton, North Yorkshire and Leeds area, call or contact us via email. With our years of experience in the company, we are happy to assist you here at AMAC Engineering.

For engine modifications, repair and rebuilding, call our specialist rebuilding service today. We can modify your engine to attain the highest possible results in performance. We work closely with our clients to offer expert advice regarding the best solutions to achieving the increased engine performance that you require.

We offer the following engine modifications to improve performance:

  • Head porting and combustion chamber reshaping: Port reshaping and resizing improves the air-fuel mixture flow allowing the combustion chamber to fill up quickly. It increases both power and torque, especially at higher revs.
  • Modified valves: Increasing the inlet valve size increases the fuel-air mixture allowed to enter the combustion chamber.
  • Performance cam:The greater the valve lift, the more significant the lift rate will be. With a performance cam (or high lift cam), the lift increases, allowing more fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber.
  • Unleaded conversion: Engines made before 1989 may need modifying to run on unleaded fuel. Increased engine capacity: Here at AMAC Engineering, we re-bore engine blocks to specific sizes to accommodate oversized pistons.
  • Increased compression ratio: This will enable the mixture to burn at its fastest, and consequently, the fuel's energy can harness most efficiently.
  • Balancing crank assembly: Replacing the flywheel with a modified lightened one will lighten the crank assembly.
  • Blueprinting of group N competition engines:Blueprinting of a machine refers to a set of standard measurements or 'blueprints' produced for competition engines to keep the modifications as standard as possible.

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Whether you require repair or rebuilding, we will get your car on the road in peak condition.

Our North Yorkshire company engineers work with any car engines to improve your vehicle's performance and quality.

We offer a quality engineering service for North Yorkshire, including Malton, Northallerton, Richmond, Thirsk, Ripon Masham and Boroughbridge.

If you would like to learn more about AMAC Engineering and how our garage of a professional team of specialists engineers can help you with engine reconditioning to get the best performance out of your engine. It will run more effectively and efficiently, then please get in touch either by email or give us a call today on tel number: 01609 779600 and we will be happy to help.

If you live in North Yorkshire and want to take advantage of our modification and rebuilding service, please call today. Or complete or customer contact us through the contact form on our website with any questions about the services that we can provide for you.

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